New Design!   –  This week we are excited to share our new web design and logo!  We hope this will help you to better discover valuable information and services.

The open-hand represents the precious holding of stories that are shared.  The memories we capture are handled with great care, love, and respect.  Each life story is a unique resource on which generations to follow can build their future.

The Leaves are little gems from a larger treasure – all the things I love about trees!

  • Stem and vein patterns remind us that we are a part of life’s web, all interconnected.
  • Leaves have infinite shapes, sizes, colors, and combinations of colors that change over time, like us and our stories.
  • In science, we learned that leaves breathe in their surroundings and exhale life-giving qualities.  Scientific studies have also shown that by sharing family stories, next generations gain a good emotional foundation and resilience to life‘s challenges!

When I was little, I learned to preserve leaves and flowers by selecting the best gems, drying or pressing them inside books, describing them, and artfully arranging them with photographs and drawings.  Having a background in biology, I also understand how dying and dead leaves contribute to the nourishment of the next generation of living things.

What a perfect metaphor for the preservation of our life stories!

What’s in the Name?   Firsthand” is part of our company name because our ultimate goal is to preserve people’s unique voice, their words of wisdom and experience from their own telling. “Memories” are the individual stories, which no one else can tell.  If you’ve read a little about me, you know that my mother, like so many others, lost her memories to Alzheimer’s disease.  I became all too well acquainted with the fleeting nature and priceless value of memories, realizing that unless we take steps to save them, we may deeply regret waiting too long.

I hope you enjoy the new design as much as we do! (Kit Dwyer)

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