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Saving Individual and Community Memories, One Voice At A Time


Have You Told Your Story? 


More meaningful than money, the stories of you, your loved ones, or your family business, are the most valuable legacy you can leave to the future.  Let others hear your voice,  your perspective,  what is important to know about you.  More meaningful than financial wealth is the wealth of knowing and feeling where you came from,  what guided you, how to got to where you are today. 

We are caring professionals who help individuals, families, and companies organize and capture their life stories.  Together, we create lasting treasures as audio, or video, or book products that preserve the essence and character of the storyteller.

Feeling like time is slipping away? Procrastination is not an option!  If you miss the opportunity to save precious memories, you may regret it forever.

 “I wish I had been able to capture my grandmother’s stories.  Now she is gone and there is no one left who knows those things.” 


” I remember a few stories, but we were mostly too busy to sit still and really listen.  I wish I knew more about those old photos.”

It’s fun to save memories!    Watch our video below to find out more.


What is a Personal History?


A  personal history is a story from real life, often linking past and present, retaining wisdom for the future.  We save these firsthand memories, the voice of the teller, turned into stories that represent the spirit of families and communities.

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Your Stories Mean a Lot


It is important to give others the opportunity to understand your perspectives and those of their predecessors.  Saving memories is a healthy way to show others the lives we led; where we grew up; how we made a living, what we loved. Time is passing, it’s not too late to start!

We Can Help

Have you thought about interviewing an important member of your family to gain insight into their life?  Are you at the point of getting things organized, or doing research to support a memoir?

HELP – we get you started or help you finish a project that you’ve started.  You will finally have a completed, beautiful finished product.

GIVE – will your project be a gift, presented at an important event, or as the legacy history of your company or family, we can help:


  • Assist with preservation of photos, tapes, slides, movies, and memorabilia
  • Conduct interviews that capture the essence and true nature of a person’s life story
  • Preserve the storyteller’s priceless voice and character in high-quality audio or video.
  • Write, finish, and print your memoir book
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No worries if you are not in the Denver metro area. We can travel, and…..

Much of our work can be done remotely or by phone.


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